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HOBS-Vortex Series

The unique combination of diversity and complexity of Indian cooking forms the Inspiration for Hafele’s Vortex Series Hobs. Through this range, Hafele has decoded the science of Indian cuisine and introduced the ideal cooking equipment that can support, enhance and inspire the culinary art of India.

Below are some unique features of the Vortex range of gas hobs:

● Flame adjusts to provide heat evenly and adapts to the type of cooking vessel that is placed on the hob.

● High quality brass burners with very high heat resistance

● Cast iron pan supports provide the optimum support for large pans and woks.

● Integrated locking Slots facilitate easy assembly and removal of burners for easy cleaning.

● A Flame Failure Safety Device (FFSD) ensures that gas supply is cut off, the moment the flame accidently goes off. Thereby, preventing any instance of fire accidents due to gas leakage.

Cooking a great meal comes with certain drawbacks that could lead to people avoiding the entire process. Cleaning up is one of the primary reasons why people avoid cooking altogether. Spillage on the gas could be tough to clean, but with Hafele Vortex Burner built-in-Hobs, you never have to worry about that. Apart from that, Hafele Vortex Burner built-in-Hobs ensure the utmost safety while you cook your favourite meal.

Energy-efficient cooking is an essential aspect that individuals need to keep in mind these days. Being efficient not only has a significant impact on your monthly bills but also enables you to work towards making the environment greener and cleaner. This means not only making specific changes in your everyday cooking process but also investing in energy efficient cooking appliances. 

The Hafele Vortex Series Hobs are very high in efficiency. They consume 12% less fuel compared to any regular brass burner of equivalent power output. Their vertical flame completely eliminates the heat loss from the sides of the burners when pots are placed. This can significantly reduce the amount of energy and fuel you use for cooking.

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