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DISHWASHER-Fully Integrated Dishwasher

A fully integrated dishwasher is professionally installed inside a cabinet in your kitchen, where none of its venting parts or hinges is visible. This gives an entirely cohesive and smooth finish to your kitchen. The integration works so well that one can only see a dishwasher there if the cabinet door is left open! Otherwise, it’ll sit in sync with the rest of your kitchen cabinets.

Some things you should consider before buying a fully integrated dishwasher model are -

Installation - Since fully integrated dishwashers need to be professionally installed, it’s advisable to ask the manufacturer what are the installation responsibilities they handle. Right from choosing the colour and style of cabinet you want to accounting for the costs of the purchase, it is ideal to ask these queries beforehand. 

Good Shelving System - If a dishwasher has a good shelving system, it becomes easy to operate and wash different types of utensils in one go. Hence, you should select one with adjustable racks, cutlery baskets, shelving for delicate glassware and such. 

High Load Capacity - Look for a dishwasher with a high loading capacity so that you can wash more dishes in one cycle. A 12 or 14 place setting is ideal for a family of 4 to 5 people. 

Multiple Washing Cycles - Select a dishwasher that has a number of washing programs based on your requirements. For example - Hafele fully integrated dishwashers have an intensive cleaning program meant for large pots and pans with heavy stains. If you want a program especially for safely washing glassware, we have that one too! 

A fully integrated dishwasher means that you can mount a custom cabinet panel on your dishwasher. The controls of the dishwasher are at the top side of the door and hidden from view. Thus, the entire cabinet door along with its handle matches the surrounding cabinets to create a totally seamless finish in your kitchen. A fully integrated dishwasher is made to disappear, which means that one can only see a dishwasher there if the cabinet door is left open!

A semi-integrated dishwasher is also made for a cabinet, but the controls of the dishwasher will be visible in this case. This allows one to make a custom panel for the controls, to match the look of the rest of the kitchen. Here, the cabinet along with the custom panel will also give a seamless, modern look in your kitchen but the dishwasher can be spotted easily as the control panel is in plain view.

Hafele provides some of the best fully integrated dishwashers in India today. One amazing product in this category is the Serene FI 02 fully integrated dishwasher. This appliance has a 14 place setting, which can fit in a load of around 160 dishes in one cycle! Moreover, one can wash utensils at half load too, thus saving more power and water to boot.

Besides this, this dishwasher has premium quality features such as adjustable shelves, additional cutlery baskets, 6 washing programs according to how soiled the dishes are and such. With touch controls, it is also very easy to operate this dishwasher in the kitchen. 

Since both integrated and built-in appliances are designed to fit inside a cabinet rather than freely stand in your kitchen, they are often confused to mean the same. Here is the key difference between the two. 

While built-in appliances fit cohesively inside cabinets in your kitchen, they are not completely hidden as you can typically see the hinges, handles, venting and such. Integrated appliances, on the other hand, are practically designed to disappear! All their parts stay inside the cabinetry to give an entirely seamless aesthetic to your kitchen.

Yes. However, in such a case, you would have to forgo the cabinetry of the integrated dishwasher as freestanding dishwashers generally come with different size dimensions. They typically stand taller and would not be a perfect fit for the height and width dimensions of a cabinet that is meant for an integrated dishwasher. 

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