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A vacuum seal drawer creates an ideal condition for your food to be stored, packaged, and portioned for a long period of time. It provides you with an air-free environment, thus hindering the growth of bacteria as well as preventing freezer burning of your food. 

Hafele’s range of vacuum drawers come with advanced features to store and prepare food at home. Our ODV8128G 14cm high vacuum drawervacuum drawer comes with a sleek touch control interface, 3 types of vacuum levels, an easy-clean surface, and a simple push to open mechanism. It is specifically designed for our 5 in 1 combi oven and can also be used for sous vide cooking to prepare delicious food.

Vacuum sealing provides you with an air-free environment, thus preventing chemical reactions triggered by oxygen that cause food to spoil as well as inhibiting contamination of food. This is why it works well if you want to store or portion food, especially meat that is bought in bulk! Here are some basic benefits of vacuum sealing - 

Protects from freezer burn - Freezer burn occurs when water gets into your food, which ruins the taste and texture of the food. Vacuum sealing prevents moisture from seeping into your food, thus protecting it from freezer burn.

Food stays fresh for a long time - Vaccum sealed refrigerated food lasts much longer than plain refrigeration. Fruits and vegetables that go bad in 4 days can stay fresh for 2 to 3 weeks and seasonal vegetables can be stored year-round! 

Improves taste - Vacuum sealing holds in the moisture, juices, and flavour of the food. Moreover, food can be marinated and seasoned first, before vacuum sealing. 

Reduces Food Wastage  - Food bought in bulk often ends up forgotten and thus spoiled in the refrigerator. Vacuum sealing such food will ensure that it does not spoil and is preserved fresh for you to eat, thus reducing food wastage.

Sous Vide is a cooking method invented by a French chef in the 20th century. In French, it means “under vacuum”. It involves the process of vacuum-sealing food, which is then cooked in water set to a specific temperature. This type of cooking method has become quite famous today as it will cook everything perfectly, especially steaks as they turn out moist and tender. 

Hafele’s range of vacuum drawers allows you to do advanced sous vide cooking, right at home! Thanks to the completely sealed bag in the drawer - natural flavours, colour and texture as well as all the essential vitamins and minerals are well preserved in your food.

Yes, food lasts longer in a vacuum. This is because a vacuum drawer provides an oxygen-free environment for your food. This prevents it from oxidation, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and ensures that your food remains fresh for a long time.

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