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DISHWASHER-Free Standing Dishwasher

A freestanding dishwasher is a standalone appliance, and it can be placed anywhere where you have access to water connection and drainage point. Unlike an integrated dishwasher, freestanding models come with sides and a top cover. Hence, they don't need a cabinet in front of them and are thus easier to install at home. Most freestanding dishwashers also come with larger capacities, hence they are a great choice for large, spacious kitchens. 

At Hafele Appliances, we offer some of the most premium freestanding dishwashers in the market today. These dishwashers come in a range of medium and large sizes, suitable for both compact as well as large kitchens. 

All our freestanding dishwashers come with active clean technology that allows for a hygienic and germ free wash at high temperatures. These models have adjustable baskets, soft touch shelves, and adequate space for cutlery. Moreover, they also come with advanced washing programs, one of which is also for washing delicate glassware.

We provide three models - Aqua Mini (8 place setting), Aqua 12 S (12 place setting), and Aqua 14 XL (14 place setting). You can opt for any of these based on the features you require and the size of your household.

If you’re looking for the maximum features and a high capacity, the Aqua 14XL freestanding dishwasher is the ideal choice! This is because it can not only wash around 160 dishes per cycle but you can also wash dishes at half load.

Yes, a freestanding dishwasher can be made integrated if you have an existing cabinet in which it can be fit. However, freestanding dishwashers typically come taller and bulker than integrated models. If this is the case, then you may have to build an entirely new custom cabinet and panel for it to match the rest of your kitchen. 

Yes, freestanding dishwashers require access to your home’s plumbing system. However, they are easy to be plumbed in as all they require to run is access to a water connection (such as a faucet) and drainage point.

That entirely depends on the local plumber's charges in your neighbourhood. However, we recommend that Hafele dishwashers should be professionally installed by the company itself.

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