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HOBS-Zeta Series

Hafele introduces you to a unique design of built-in hobs that support the efficiency of traditional wood-fire Indian cooking along with the convenience of modern technology. 

Following are the features of built-in hobs in India:

1. Consume 12% less fuel compared to any regular brass burner

2. Precise control of the flame

3. Adjustable flame for every Indian pot and pan

4. Can withstand up to 800 degrees C of heat.

5. Concealed gas pipes that impart a clutter-free and seamless look 

6. Pulse ignition feature

7. High energy conversion resulting in lesser cooking time

8.  Extra safety features enable easy cooking

9. Quick and easy cleaning

Following are the features of cooktops:

1. They usually have only 2 burners

2. Dependent on electricity for usage

3. Can overcook food due to overheating

4. They make noise while in use

To conclude, Hobs are more efficient than cooktops in many ways including safety, care and maintenance, hassle-free usage, energy consumption among others. 

Hafele built-in gas hobs in India provides an easy to maintain product that requires minimal care. The burner is easy to assemble and clean. In case of spillage and pore blocking, soaking the burner is all that needs to be done. Furthermore, spilled food won’t burn on the hob, making its surface easy to clean.

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