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LUXURY APPLIANCES-Built-in coffee machine

Automated coffee makers such as the CM8478G Hafele coffee machine are easy to operate and are designed to do most of the work for you! All you have to do is select the type of coffee you require on the sleek and colourful TFT display and add the coffee beans to the bean container.

After that, the Hafele coffee machine does the entire work for you within a few minutes. A high-quality grinder crushes the beans into equal granules; water in the tank is heated to precision and poured onto the coffee grounds; milk is perfectly frothed through an automatic froth generator, and you get fresh steaming coffee right in your cup!

Below are some things to consider while purchasing an electric coffee maker.

Capacity of the water tank- If you consume more coffee cups per day, it is best to opt for a coffee machine that has a large water tank. The Hafele CM8456S coffee machine offers you such a water tank with an excellent capacity of 1.8L. 

Coffee preparation - Decide how do you like to prepare your coffee. (Bean to cup/ground coffee) If you love both styles, it is best to opt for our Hafele coffee machines that offer you both.

Milk Frothing - If you love frothy drinks such as lattes and cappuccino, look for a machine that comes with an automatic milk frother. The Hafele coffee machine is equipped with such a milk froth generator, which gives you the perfectly frothed coffee right in your cup!

Easy Maintenance - For easy regular cleaning, Hafele coffee machines are equipped with easily removable parts, removable brew units, and a descaling program.

1. You should clean your coffee machine after every use by removing the leftover grounds and cleaning the brew basket. Moreover, if you opt for the CM8477B black steel coffee machine by Hafele Appliances - it has an auto-clean system for the milk container where water and steam are used to clean its inner parts thoroughly. 

2. At the end of each day, you should wash all the detachable components with dishwashing soap and water. Doing this will loosen any germs and residue that have clung to these parts throughout the day. This is why our range of coffee machines come with a detachable brewing unit and drip tray to enable effortless cleaning. 

3. Lastly, a full descaling of the coffee machine should be done every month to remove the mineral deposits. Simply run the descaling function on your Hafele coffee machine, and it will do the job for you!

Such a thorough cleaning process will ensure that your coffee machine runs as smoothly as possible for a long time.

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