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BAKING APPLIANCES-Microwave with Grill

Yes, a microwave that comes with a grill plate or rack can be effectively used for grilling veggies and meat. At Hafele Appliances, we provide some of the top-notch microwave with grill ovens that add immense value to your culinary exploits in the kitchen! 

Be it barbecuing crispy meats that turn out succulently tender on the inside or cooking perfectly juicy paneer tikkas - our grill microwaves are the right answer to all your grilling adventures.

Besides this, these grill microwaves come with easy one-touch selections, flatbed cavities, aqua cleaning features, full glass exterior, auto cook menus and much more! 

 That depends on what are your personal cooking requirements in the kitchen. A grill microwave can perform the functions of a solo microwave as well as a grill. This is great for those who need a microwave for reheating and for grilling meat and veggies, but don’t need it to bake or roast food.

 On the other hand - a convection microwave not only has all the functions of a microwave and grill but it can also roast, bake, and crisp food. Because this type of oven uses convection heating, the food will be cooked much more evenly and quicker too! If you want your microwave to be versatile and cook in many different ways - this option is good for you. 

 A microwave with grill will perform all the microwave tasks such as reheating and basic cooking along with grilling functions. This is a great option if you’re not fond of baking, but you need a microwave with basic reheating and excellent grilling features. 

 A combination microwave on the other hand - basically enables you to carry out all basic microwave tasks, together with grilling, baking and all other facilities that a regular kitchen oven provides you with. If you’re looking for a full-fledged microwave oven that helps you cook and bake a large variety of meals - a combi-microwave is a great choice.

 With a grill microwave, there are tons of things you can cook and grill in it. While a regular microwave allows you to cook soups, scrambled eggs, pasta etc - adding a grill to it takes it to a whole new level! 

By combining the grill element - you can cook perfectly crusted pizzas, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, toasties, paneer tikka, tandoori chicken, grilled fish and veggies such as bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes etc. 

 Yes, a flatbed microwave is much better than a turntable one. Instead of using a traditional turntable used for cooking and heating, flatbed technology microwaves come with a sleek flatbed base where microwaves are fed through a rotating antenna placed beneath the floor of the microwave.

 Since the turntable is absent, this ensures that there is much more cooking space and capacity inside the microwave that can be utilised well. This extra space allows you to cook with dishes of any shape and form inside the microwave cavity. As there is no turntable to create an obstruction, cleaning spills and splatters in a flatbed oven becomes super easy too! 

 In fact, flatbed microwaves also tend to use much better cooking technology which ensures that your meals are cooked evenly throughout. These are some reasons why most of the Hafele microwaves and microwave ovens make use of flatbed technology instead of a turntable.

In such a case, it’s always better to opt for a microwave with a grill. This is because grilling is a great way to cook healthy meals as it not only helps lower your calorie intake but also helps retain more of the vitamins, minerals and moisture in your meals. This means that you will be able to enjoy those perfectly crispy yet juicy paneer and meat starters, without going on a guilt trip!

While other cooking methods allow the meat to cook in its own fat, which can be reabsorbed, grilling removes the excess fat as it is melted and dripped off the racks. This is why a microwave with a grill is the preferred option instead of a regular one, especially if you’re a healthy eater! 

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